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Hair Loss

Many people suffer from hair loss. Hair loss is common in men, but did you know that hair loss in women is common as well? There are many different disorders that can cause hair loss. There are also many different hair loss solutions available on the market today. Some products available for hair loss treatment are over the counter, and others are only available through your doctor. If you have experienced any type of moderate to severe hair loss, it might be a good idea to have it checked out by your doctor. You will need to rule out any underlying and chronic illnesses. Sometimes, hair loss is the first sign of a chronic illness or disease that requires treatment.

Hair loss can also be caused by medicines that you may be taking. Hair loss in women is commonly caused by birth control pills, hormonal imbalances, or under or overactive thyroid glands. An effective hair loss treatment for this kind of hair loss is to stop taking the medicines that are affecting you adversely, or seek treatment for an over or underactive thyroid gland. A common type of hair loss that affects men is male pattern baldness. There are hair loss solutions for this kind of hair loss. A product called Rogaine containing a medication called Minoxidil is available right over the counter and it is an effective hair loss treatment for male pattern baldness and even for female pattern baldness to treat hair loss in women. There is another type of medicine for male pattern baldness that can only be given by prescription from your doctor. It is called Propecia. It is only for men. This medicine has been an effective hair loss solution for many men.

Another common type of hair loss is called Alopecia. Alopecia is a type of hair loss in women that is common because women use curlers, or wear their hair in tight pulling hairstyles that pull on the roots of hair causing them to expel the hair and cause scarring. This can cause temporary baldness, and if the scarring is widespread and severe, it can cause permanent, extensive baldness. In the case of having Alopecia, discontinue the activities that are damaging the roots of your hair before it causes permanet scarring and hair loss. Funguses on the scalp can even cause baldness in children. The proper fungicide will have to be prescribed by a doctor to rid yourself of a balding scalp fungus. If you are not able to cure your baldness, there are many types of prostetic hair pieces, wigs, and head coverings available and acceptable to wear today.

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