Migraine Headache

A migraine can be a debilitating headache that is usually accompanied with a localized area of pain, and nausea with a heightened sensitivity to light and sound. More women than men suffer from migraine headaches that can last from a couple of hours to several days. Many times there are unusual migraine symptoms with flashes of light, visual blind spots, and tingling in the legs and arms. There is no particular pattern of frequency or intensity of pain when migraine headaches occur. A dark, quiet room, with little movement of the body is the most comfortable means of working through a migraine. Most individuals are not afforded the luxury of being able to stop their daily routine, so a medication will need to be taken for migraine headache relief.

Over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs such as; Advil and Motrin, are the first means of warding off an impending migraine. A physician’s consultation is the next step when over the counter migraine headache relief is not working to relieve the migraine symptoms. Your physician will be able to determine if you are in need of more powerful and specifically formulated prescription drugs that treat migraine symptoms. There are many migraine treatments that can help to reduce the severity of migraine headaches and their painful symptoms. The migraine treatment is usually a process of trying more than one prescription to find a compatible match that works best for your migraine headache relief.

Triptans is a class of drugs that are well suited to eliminate the pulsating headaches, nausea, and sensory sensitivity associated with migraine headaches. Prescription, Ergot, has been proven to be more effective when these powerful headaches last more than a day. A more recent Ergot derivative prescription drug, Migranal, has been found to deliver greater migraine relief with fewer side effects. Butalbital drugs, that include aspirin or acetaminophen, can be taken when seeking a migraine remedy. Narcotics are used as a last resort when all other migraine treatments are not diffusing the headaches. Narcotics are habit forming but when taken while under a physician’s care, they can be the right migraine headache relief for your particular symptoms.

Ophthalmic or eye migraines are more commonly referred to as ocular migraines. This type of migraine is painless and is earmarked with unusual, visual disturbances. Ocular migraines bring forth a host of visual changes that can include; a blind spot that enlarges, and flashes of lights and lines. These migraines may last a few seconds or minutes without any pain. Although these sightings are bothersome in your line of vision, ophthalmic or ocular migraines are harmless, without causing any damage to the eyes. There is no treatment for eye migraines but it is always advisable to consult with your doctor in order to make the correct determination of the eye condition.

Migraine symptoms can reduce the quality and effectiveness of your life. Some over the counter migraine headache relief can be achieved through the use of ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Other migraine medications that include caffeine can be beneficial with easing the associated pain and nausea of migraines. There can be triggers that can bring on a migraine and serve as early warning that a migraine is approaching. Medicine should be taken at the onset of any migraine symptom. Changing your lifestyle during these periods of migraines will usually decrease the severity. A calm, dark, and quiet setting can set the serene atmosphere to weather a migraine. When non prescription medicines are not easing the migraine headache symptoms, your physician will be knowledgeable with beginning a regime of migraine treatments that will best suit your situation. Nausea medication gives the relief that is usually imperative to transition through the migraines. Coping with migraines and using the medical treatment that works best for you is a journey that can have a successful and happy ending.

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