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In many cases, prescription drug prices are much lower at our Canadian and International Fulfillment partners, than you will find at your local pharmacy.  Prescription drugs, in many countries around the world, are getting more expensive all the time.  In fact, in many people's experiences, the price of prescription drugs seems to go up from month to month.  Rising prescription drug costs especially affects older individuals who take more medication but have limited incomes to pay for it.  Some people have even been put in the position of choosing between prescription medication and food or other necessities.

Thankfully, our prescription service, which contracts Canadian and International pharmacies, is here to offer a solution that makes it possible to not have to make the choice of going without your prescription medication because it is too expensive.  Canadian pharmacies, like the one that works with, offer the same brand name prescription drugs that can be found in other countries, at much lower prices.  Federal Drugs, contracts a licensed Canadian pharmacy and licensed International dispensaries to provide customers the prescription drugs they need at lower prices.  Therefore, you can be confident that you are getting quality medication for less.

It is understandable that you may have concerns about ordering medication from an online prescription service provider, but we assure you that your medical and financial information is safe with us.   After you have placed your order, the information is always verified and approved by a licensed pharmacist.  If your medication requires a prescription, the prescription must first be faxed to our toll-free fax number before the order can proceed.  Unlike some other online prescription services we will not send you prescription drugs without first receiving a valid prescription from your physician.

To ensure your safety, we obtain our prescription drugs and over the counter medications only from licensed drug wholesalers and manufacturers.  In addition to price differences found amongst the various countries around the world, our Pharmacy partners will purchase large supplies of common prescription drugs in order to allow us to sell medications to you at the lowest price possible.

It is an easy and convenient process to become a customer of our International Prescription service.   Before processing your first order, we request that you fill out a customer profile and mail or fax that back to us along with your original prescription and the order form for the medications you are interested in purchasing.  We will get right to work on setting up your profile and processing your order.

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